Key Allegro: A Vision of Growth

From a Karankawa Indian settlement to the resort community it is today, Key Allegro’s history is colorful and storied. The exhibit will portray the early history of the coast to the present day, capturing all aspects of the growth of Key Allegro and how it impacts Aransas County and the surrounding areas.  Artifacts, maps, photographs, and videos will further illustrate the long-term vision.


Keynote speaker for the opening will be Carla Krueger Rinche, daughter of Carl Kreuger, Jr. who purchased Key Allegro in 1961. Carla and her friends will share stories of her father’s vision and often unique marketing events to increase public interest in developing the property.


Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free. The exhibit will run from August 10 – November 17, 2019.


Programs will be held on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.  The following topics will be presented:


August 25th            Island Development I- Carla Krueger Rinche and Vickie Merchant

September 8th       Lifestyle on the Island- Kay Stanley and Nancy Melcher

September 22nd    Frandolig Family- Jude Frandolig and Family 

October 6th            Island Art – Jim Booth

October 20th         Impact on Aransas County – Diane and Mike Probst

November 3rd      Island Development II – Gordon Stanley

November 17th      Shell Collections – Brigid Berger